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It's important to advocate for quality physical education. Unfortunately the profession doesn't always get the respect it deserves. Hopefully these resources can help.

Document that explains how physical education is essential for a complete education.

This document was developed by me and my colleague Liz Abrams and sent and presented to our district's school board. At the time there was a parent group proposing to have athletics count as physical education. This document references California state standards and laws and shows the difference between athletics and physical education. The move to have athletics count as physical education was ultimately rejected by the board.   

Letter template to School Board and Superintendent about the importance of physical education teachers from a parent's point of view.

I wrote this letter to my son's school district as they were looking to eliminate physical education specialists and counselors during the COVID 19 crisis. The district decided not to eliminate those positions. Maybe this letter helped. Maybe it can help you. Feel free to alter the highlighted areas and adjust the letter to make it fit your unique situation.

Sample letters with a variety of perspectives and talking points advocating for why physical education is important. 

Letters were written by future physical education teachers at California State University of Chico. Letters can be read to get ideas for talking points or copy and pasted to make your own letters. 

5 Ways to Change How Students View PE Class

A blog article written for SHAPE America

5 Ways to Change How Other Teachers View Physical Education

A blog article written for SHAPE America

More Advocacy Resources at Support Real Teachers

Several resources, toolkits and videos to help advocate for quality physical education

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